Lykins & Smith ld24




Economic Development

We will increase job opportunities by focusing on the qualities that make District 24 unique - small town atmosphere, environmental and agricultural tourism, farming - and bring back to the district the needed state funding to make those goals achievable.


We will recognize that families come in all shapes and sizes and will fight to protect and strengthen those working families. We will fight for taxpayer relief and ensure that the state's safety nets reach to cover Northwest New Jersey. 


We will work with communities to find the funding for their critical infrastructure projects - including new bus routes and train stations - because we know that economic development depends on a stable transportation system. 


We will fight for our children and their future by ensuring that adequate education funding provides equal opportunities for success regardless of the town. 


We will ensure that all citizens have access to affordable options for their healthcare needs. We will work to develop treatment options for our growing population of individuals facing addiction issues.


We will educate policymakers in Trenton about the importance of protecting our vital natural resources, like the New Jersey Highlands. Protecting our environment does not have to be at odds with job development or a thriving vibrant economy. We will encourage the continued growth of the clean energy sector and will focus on maintaining our region's position as one of the most beautiful places to live, work and play.